An experience in working with custom WordPress developers

ImageI have some experience in web development and developed some small projects during my college. I knew the basics of programming languages used for web developing before I joined college. I have developed my first web development project using PHP technology. PHP is an open source language and easy to code and implement. I am curious to learn some CMS so I have started to use WordPress for my next project.

I have joined a web development company and start my project with the help of their experience WordPress developers. I have built my website’s custom theme myself and whenever I have any difficulty I got help from developers and learn some new things. I have developed my online shopping website, with WordPress shopping cart features. I have developed responsive and custom WordPress themes that look awesome and attractive. Here, I have learned many unknown things about the WordPress theme customization and selection. Their developers help me to take my web developing skill level higher by giving tips and strategies to build unique website.

I have learned easy WordPress plugin development and installation methods that I never forgot. They would share their coding ideas between one another so they could know new updates and information about WordPress theme development and integration techniques. I have also used online tutorials and tips that would help me to learn more things. There are many WordPress themes available for free to download and use to develop successful website and blog. I have developed my website SEO friendly using various features of WordPress. I even learnt how to create eCommerce websites with WordPress Shopping Cart deployment.

Now WordPress is used by many developers to develop function rich websites and blogs. I have joined online community where I could find tips and tricks from experienced WordPress developers for my various problems. I have been enjoying develop customized website for various clients with experience in WordPress and PHP.