Professional ModX Development Company I hired and my experiences!!

ModxI had been running the local shop for my furniture business a year ago and then I thought of expanding my business for which I consulted a website development company and got my website developed on ModX platform. The website seemed overcomplicated with unclean & complex navigation, which made the visitors feel like they were chasing the way out of the maze. Being the governing admin, I had problems with update since it was not working all time. I was provided no further support from the company I hired for it.

I had no option but to find a firm who could help me out. So again, I started to search, there were slews of people out there who called themselves web developers, but I was so relieved I was able to sift through the mass of posers and find square one web solutions, ModX professional partners.

They immediately called a meeting and discussed the issue. On analysing my website they found it poorly coded and very poorly designed. They assured, my quick comeback of my website. But I was worried; I used to send late night E-mails full of half baked ideas and poor grammar which he has turned into something elegant, beautiful, swift and useful. They learned and improved my website and took it to another level.

There were also some security issues such as accidental data loss and DDOS attacks, SQL injection seems to have leaked my data and all were solved by their dedicated developers. Not only so much, they created many back links to optimize the page rankings of my website. I was getting regular updates of the progress through e-mails. They launched my website a lot earlier than the ETA.

Now my website visitors’ traffic has increased 20 times more than before, even being a governing body we found the admin User interface very friendly unlike before. No more flaws and dirt in my website. My website looked elegant, clean and simple to use. All this at such affordable price was the most surprising to me.

Thank you once again square one web solutions, without you, we would have been still been stuck in the internet dark ages.